USGS:  A 6.3 quake hit Santa Cruz Islands 6/24/11 at 06:33:06 UTC, at a depth of 62.6 km (38.9 mi).  

My Comments:  These major earthquakes are happening more frequently throughout the world as each day passes.  Have you noticed that many island areas have been it recently?  Major quakes have hit Santa Cruz Islands, Fox Islands, Solomon Islands, Kermadec Islands, South Island of New Zealand, Sandwich Islands, and there are many, many more listed with USGS that were not quite at the magnitude of 6 or above (major).  This reminds me of a passage in Revelation, as John describes what he saw (prophetically) at the end of the age, "Heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together and every mountain and island were removed out of their places" Revelation 6:14.  It should be clear to everyone who can read, see and discern spiritual things that the return of the Lord is near.