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A major 6.7 earthquake hit Mauritius Island, near the Reunion region, on Thursday, July 26, 2012, at 05:33:31 UTC, at a depth of 9.8 km (6.1 mi).

This is the fourth major earthquake to hit in the last six days.  Jesus said that these signs would be prevalent when He returns, "There will be great earthquakes in various places, famines pestilences, fearful sights and great signs from heaven" Luke 21:11.  This is exactly what is happening throughout the world right now.  With ongoing wars, conflict and rumors of wars going on in the Middle East, the famines in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, as well as these consistent great earthquakes throughout the world, those of us who are watching realize that the Lord's return is very near. 

The graph below is also very telling.  Look closely at the right margin, as the earthquakes drastically increase in 2010 and 2011.  This trend continues in 2012.

Source:  www.dlindquist.com