Muslims get 770 million US tax $      Americans get Tent Cities - 30 of them
 Commentary:  We are going to throw in some interesting articles relating to the nation's economic crisis and the Obama spending machine during this year's presidential campaign, just so the American people don't forget the truth about what is happening under Obama's administration.  

According to, there are 30 Tent Cities throughout the US (and growing) largely because Americans have lost their jobs, as well as their homes.  In the meantime, the Obama administration has spent more than all previous presidents combined (source:  He also sent 770 million dollars to the Middle East to "dainty up" Muslim mosques, yes, to refurbish the Muslim mosques of his friends (who cut peoples heads off and terrorize this nation), while many American citizens languish in Tent Cities across the US (you can view videos of both: the "770 million spent" and the "Tent Cities" on the News Videos page of this site (these videos are closer to the bottom of the page).  Imagine what that much money could have done for quite a vast number of the homeless throughout the US.