4/26/11, NTDTV News:  Christians and religious freedom have suffered another blow in China.  Dozens of "House Christians" were arrested on Sunday in Beijing while attempting to gather for Resurrection Day prayer.  The arrests seem to be part of a concerted crack down on Christians who do not worship in churches sanctioned by the Chinese Communist Party.  For millions of people across China, Resurrection Day went off without a hitch, but for those who do not worship in churches administered by the Chinese Communist Party, it was a different story.  In a northwest suburb of Beijing, dozens of members of one church showed up at a location to begin services.  The police were already waiting for them and quickly herded the Christians onto police buses.  This church had called for outdoor services after they were evicted from their prior location during a CCP led antidescent campaign.  Church leaders say they have no political agenda and are being targeted because they refuse to worship at CCP sanctioned churches.  Head of the Texas-based ChinaAid association, Bob Fu, says "The crack down is not limited to this group in Beijing.  There is a very large "House Church" with more than 1,500 church members in Mongolia; they were also under crack-down and at least more than a dozen leaders are now under criminal detention."  Mr. Fu also mentioned prominent "House Christian" leaders were detained in another area.  He hinted that "House church" members will keep showing up for outdoor services, despite recent arrests.  "Even though the authorities continue to crack down, without guaranteeing freedom to those believers, the 'House Christians' will continue to worship outdoors, no matter what kind of pressure they face," said Mr. Fu.  "House Christians" have been targeted by the regime in recent years and have suffered numerous civil and human rights abuses.