Screen shot:
 The Scottsman (excerpts):  A local cameraman captured incredible footage of elephants going on a rampage through Mysore, India.  The video shows the elephants tearing through the streets in southern India, as locals flee for cover.  A security guard was gored to death near a local market.  The victim was identified as Renuka Prasad, 55.  The elephants, from a nearby forest, are thought to have accidentally stumbled across the city early yesterday morning.  Panic quickly spread in Mysore, as the elephants' aggression grew.  One eyewitness said the elephants entered the city and started stomping over everything that came in their path.  One of them entered a marketplace and crushed a man to death within minutes and a cow was attacked and gored in the street.  Forest officials managed to tranquilize one of the elephants and another was trapped on a nearby farm.  Two other elephants are reportedly at large on the outskirts of Mysore.  All schools and colleges in the area were shut and people were advised to stay indoors.  A spokesperson for the local forest authority blamed encroaching human settlements for causing the situation.  Other animals have entered residential areas and caused casualties too and it will continue, if something isn't done.  (This video was just too graphic to embed to the website and I was not able to continue watching it after I started viewing it myself.)  

My Comments:  Revelation 6:8 says, "I looked and beheld a pale horse and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him, and power was given unto them over a fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword and with hunger and with death and with the beasts of the earth."  This is a vision given to John concerning the last days and the beginning of the tribulation period.  As we move closer to the return of the Lord, these types of events will increase with more frequency.  God is beginning to pour out judgment throughout the earth and it is time to pray, witness and be ready His return at all times; tomorrow could be too late.