WashingtonPost.com (excerpts):  Tel Aviv, Israel - Kidnapped Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, returned home Tuesday looking pale and rail to a country bracing itself for fallout from a prisoner swap that has emboldened the fiery militant Palestinian faction Hamas.  A subdued Israeli homecoming ceremony for Shalit stood in stark contrast with the mood in the Gaza Strip, where buses carrying the first of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners freed as part of the exchange were escorted by heavily armed Hamas fighters.  Hamas declared Tuesday a holiday and a mural depicted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreeing to the swap, as a gunman kicked his face into the ground.  A spokesman for Hamas's military arm suggested that the group would continue to seek opportunities to kidnap Israeli soldiers.  Shalit, 25, looked frail and dazed five years after Hamas fighters ambushed his tank, killed two of his comrades and dragged him into the Gaza strip in 2006.  The captive soldier had little contact with the outside world, other than occasional access to radio and television news in Arabic, his father said.  Shalit was visible only briefly Tuesday, as he was hurriedly ushered into Egypt through the Rafah crossing, plopped down for an interview with Egyptian state television and finally turned over to Israeli forces at a nearby border.  Israeli doctors said Shalit showed signs of malnutrition and lack of exposure to sunlight.  "He came out of a dark pit, a dark cellar," his father, Noam, told reporters.  

WashingtonPost.com (exerpts):  Sergeant Major Gilad Shalit was brought to Egypt in the early morning hours on Tuesday, after more than five years of captivity in the Gaza Strip.  Shalit appeared on Egyptian state television shortly after his release to discuss his captivity and offer his thanks.  An Israeli official told the Associated Press Tuesday, "We are all shocked that a 'so-called' interview was forced on Shalit."  He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was discussing a sensitive diplomatic matter, but said the sentiment was widely shared in official Israeli ranks.  Galid spoke in Hebrew, answering questions posed by an Egyptian journalist.  His remarks were translated into Arabic and English.  He was asked questions before he entered Israel and before he spoke to his family.  
* I did not include Gilad Shalit's responses to the most cruel and insensitive questions asked by the Egyptian journalist; also because he could not be expected to answer the biased questions posed, while still remaining in the hands of Arabs and not free yet, under the safe guard of the Israelis.  

Commentary:  Gilad Shalit was obviously emaciated and barely standing, as an interview was forced on him by the Egyptians, before he was in the safe custody of Israel.  Most likely the only reason he was standing, or able to move at all, is Hamas probably "fattened him up" to the emaciation stage from the almost dead status he was in.  He was so thin and frail, you could detect wabbling at times as he spoke to the insensitive and cruel "interrogation" interview conducted by the Egyptian journalist.  She had the colossal nerve to ask him at one point about how he felt about his release, while many Palestinian prisoners "languished" in Israeli prisons.  1) Gilad Shalit was held in isolation, half-starved and most likely tortured in many ways during his imprisonment by Hamas terrorists.  2) None of the prisoners held in Israel are languishing, they are in fact on vacation in Israeli prisons, compared to Gilad's torturous treatment in Gaza.  3) Most of the prisoners being released in the exchange deserve the death penalty for their murders and terrorism, so they are all the more very fortunate to have been in the hands of Israelis.  As she continued to interrogate/interview Gilad, he bowed his head numerous times, obviously finding it very difficult to answer her horrendous questions.  The Hamas terrorists and many Arabs have openly called Israel "defeated" for trading 1,027 Palestinian terrorists and murderers in exchange for 1 Israeli, Gilad Shalit.  Yes, Hamas, it's true; 1 Israeli is worth more than 10 billion Palestinian murderers and terrorists!  Rejoice all you want, but your day of recompense is soon coming!  Gilad is home and God has answered our daily prayers for him, because God is faithful.  Unfortunately for you, God is also faithful to His Word concerning his wrath against you!  You need only read Isaiah chapters 15-19.  "Howl, oh gate; cry oh city, all of Palestine is dissolved, for a smoke will come out of the north and no one will be alone in his appointed time of judgment" Isaiah 14:31.  Your demise was written long ago by God Himself!