Israel and the United States withhold UNESCO dues of 2 million each.  UNESCO has lost another 2 million, this time from dues payable annually from the State of Israel.  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave the order Thursday afternoon for the Jewish state to stop payment on its dues to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  Netanyahu instructed that the funds be diverted to parallel initiatives for regional cooperation.  The move comes following the agency's decision to Accept the Palestinian Authority as a full member in a vote on Monday, despite the entity's lack of membership in the UN itself and despite the fact that it is not a sovereign nation.  

 "Such steps will not advance peace; they only push it further away," Netanyahu said.  "The only way to reach peace is through direct negotiations without preconditions."  

The PA, hoping to circumvent the necessity for direct talks with Israel with its bid for recognition as an independent nation and full membership in the international body, submitted its application to the UN Security Council in September.  The United States, which warned the PA it would block the move by exercising its veto in the council should the resolution approach passage, also cut off funds to UNESCO after the vote to accept the PA as a member.  Canada said it would not be increasing its assistance to UNESCO.  The decision affects future voluntary contributions, which are now about 10 million a year.  

Commentary:  Two down, and another major decision yet to go.  What is that decision?  Get out of the UN entirely!  It is about time decent nations, which promote human rights, began backing out of the UN farce.  The bottom line is, most of the UN is run by predominantly Muslim nations and when push comes to shove, they are going to lean to Islam, Sharia and outright human rights violations all the way around.  When the nonSharia nations sit idly by, while the Muslim nations cut peoples limbs and heads off (slowly) in their town squares, as a matter of law, it is outright shameful and abominable that the other nonSharia nations sit among them without saying a word!  They might as well do the same things!  These unified nations talk about peace and the promotion of peace among nations; but still, the leaders of Iran threaten Israel and America constantly, but they are not kicked out of the UN, which means they are pacified, if not approved of within the majority.  Every nation with any decency or humanitarian ideals should get out of the UN!  The Bible says, "Can two walk together unless they agree?" Amos 3:3.  "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people" Proverbs 14:34.