In recent weeks, thousands of birds and millions of fish have been found dead across the globe.  Mass numbers of dead fish have appeared in Maryland, Arkansas, Brazil and New Zealand.  An astonishing number of dead birds have been found in Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Sweden. 

The Word of God says, "The land will mourn and everyone who dwells in it will languish, with the beasts of the field, the fowls of heaven, yes, the fishes of the sea will also be taken away" Hosea 4:3. 

The passage above found in the book of Hosea was written as Hosea described what would occur in the last days.

Below are just some, yes, just some of the deaths vaguely reported and documented on  I search regularly for animal deaths on the internet, but have not found most of these reports in major news media.  You might ask yourself why.  Outside of alternative conservative news media, the liberals are generally in control of major news sources.  Liberals consist of secular humanists, agnostics and atheists; and their allegiances lie with Obama, the United Nations and the elitists, who are all for the satanic New World Order. 

That may not make sense to many, but it all has to do with the spirit of antichrist working in the world today - full steam ahead toward a one world government.  They do not want you to focus on what is really happening in the world, only their distractions and their own agendas, much of what infiltrates major news media today:  Obama, his gain in electoral votes and his "great plans" for America (all the while he is working to destroy it behind the scenes), the Olympics, the latest in videos, movies, games and electronic equipment, as well as the few good shopping buys out there...some tragic events, which cannot be hid and which fit into the scheme of things.

The impending global economic collapse and some of what you read below is what's really going on out there:

6th July 2012 – Mass clam deaths: 600 Million snout otter clams dead, leaving farmers broke in Quang Ninh Vietnam.

5th July 2012 – Fish kill on Century Village Lakes in Florida.

5th July 2012 – Fish kill on Roy Lake in South Dakota.

5th July 2012 – Thousands of Fish found dead in James River in Lamoure North Dakota.

4th July 2012 – Thousands of Fish found dead on Dexter City Lake in Missouri America.

3rd July 2012 – Major Fish kill: Hundreds of thousands of Fish dead in Lake Wichita Texas.

3rd July 2012 – Hundreds of Fish found floating dead in Upstate Lake South Carolina.

3rd July 2012 – Fish Kill: Catfish die-off on Lake Buffum near Fort Meade Florida.

3rd July 2012 – Estimated 2,300 dead Fish washed ashore on South River in Butts County, Georgia America.

2nd July 2012 – Thousands of Fish dead in Chautauqua Lake in Havana Cuba.

2nd July 2012 – Thousands of Chickens killed due to Bird Flu outbreak in Xinjiang China.

2nd July 2012 – Thousands of Fish dead in South Knoxville Pond in Tennessee America.

2nd July 2012 – 18 mass Fish kills have happened in past 2 months in Periyar River in India.

30th June 2012 – 1,000,000 Birds died or culled at 129 Farms due to Avian Flu in Mexico.

29th June 2012 – Hundreds of dead Fish line the banks of Pottersburg Creek in Ontario Canada.

29th June 2012 – 73 Turtles wash ashore dead, scientists concerned, in Australia.

28th June 2012 – Fish die-off in Platte River in Nebraska.

28th June 2012 – Fish kill in river Vartry in Wicklow Ireland.

26th June 2012 – 200,000 Bird deaths at three farms in Mexico.

26th June 2012 – Over 75,000 Goats killed by a disease epidemic in Congo.

26th June 2012 – Thousands of dead Sardines wash ashore on Taboga Island in Panama.

26th June 2012 – Fish kill in Wisconsin Counties in America.

25th June 2012 – Several thousand fish dead in a lake in Georgia America.

25th June 2012 – Thousands of Fish die in Gomti River India.

23rd June 2012 – Mass Cattle death a “mystery” in Elgin Texas.

23rd June 2012 – 67 Birds found dead at Kanaha Pond Wildlife Sanctuary Hawaii.

22nd June 2012 – Mass deaths of Horses and Cattle due to snake bites in Kiev Ukraine. (Russia)

22nd June 2012 – Fish kill on Lake Odessa in Louisa County America.

21st June 2012 – Dead turtles washing ashore along Delaware and New Jersey coasts, scientists not sure why in America.

21st June 2012 – 150 Birds washing up dead or dying on East Florida beaches in America.

20th June 2012 – 750 Bee Hives poisoned killing thousands of Bees in New South Wales Australia.

20th June 2012 – Hundreds to Thousands of fish washing ashore dead on Sutherland Reservoir Nebraska.

19th June 2012 – 17 dead Seals wash ashore in Parnu Estonia.

19th June 2012 – Hundreds of dead Fish found in Red Hill Creek Canada.

19th June 2012 – Fish die-off at Buffalo Pound Lake in Canada.

19th June 2012 – Over 4,000 Fish found dead in River Nene England.

16th June 2012 – Fish kill in Big Birch Lake in Todd County Minnesota.

15th June 2012 – Fish kill found in canal near lake Manitoba in Canada

15th June 2012 – Mass death of Sardines (about 10,000) found in Kanagawa Japan.

14th June 2012 – Estimated 130 Sea Birds found dead in Australia.

NOTE: 120 Dolphins that died off Texas coast between November and March declared “unusual mortality event” America.

11th June 2012 – Fish kill along 1.5Km of the Chovva Canal in India.

9th June 2012 – 40 TONS of dead Fish in a pond in township of Guangzhou China.

8th June 2012 – Large number of dead Fish found in East Lake Park China.

7th June 2012 – Hundreds of Birds found dead in East Melbourne Australia.

6th June 2012 – Over 100,000 mass Fish die-off in Feidong Ning Kong (sic) Reservoir China.

6th June 2012 – Mystery surrounds massive Fish kill in Coevorden Netherlands.

6th June 2012 – Over 10,000 dead Carp found in Blue Springs Lake, Missouri.

6th June 2012 – 5,000 dead Fish in a lake is a mystery, UK.

5th June 2012 – Tons and Tons of dead Sardine washing up in port of Ohara in Japan.

5th June 2012 – Alarming Reindeer Die Off on St Paul Island in Alaska.

5th June 2012 – Thousands of Dead fish found in Imperial Lakes in Florida.

5th June 2012 – 2500 Fish dead in Swan River in Australia.

31st May 2012 – Thousands of Fish dying along coast of Burma

30th May 2012 – Large Fish die-off in a Lagoon in Chacahua Mexico.

30th May 2012 – 500 Fish die in Canal in England.

30th May 2012 – Thousands more Fish turning up dead in Maryland.

30th May 2012 – Red tide Kills 55 Million Abalone in China.

29th May 2012 – Mass Fish death – 13,000 Fish found in Ohatchee Alabama.

27th May 2012 – Entire Fish Farm stock to be killed after virus found for first time in waters of Washington State. Link

25th May 2012 – 10 TONS of dead Fish found in Laguna de Bay Philippines.

25th May 2012 – 300 Dolphins wash up dead during past several weeks raising concern in the Black Sea Russia. Link

25th May 2012 – Thousands of Shellfish found dead in Peru.

25th May 2012 – 540 Antelopes die in Kasakhstan.

24th May 2012 – Thousands of Fish found dead in a pond in Sichuan China

24th May 2012 – Hundreds of Fish found dead in Briar Creek in North Carolina.

23rd May 2012 – 60,000 – 100,000 dead Fish in three Creeks in Maryland USA.

21st May 2012 – Thousands of the “most resilient species of fish” found dead on Mula-Mutha River banks in India.

20th May 2012 – Hundreds of Fish found dead at Clear Lake in Minnesota.

20th May 2012 – Large Fish kill reported in Sanya Egret Park China.

19th May 2012 – 500,000 Salmon destroyed after virus found in fish farm in Vancouver Canada.

17th May 2012 – Mass Bee deaths – “Staggering losses” reported in Minnesota, Nebraska and Ohio USA.

17th May 2012 – Mystery surrounds 34 Dead Deer on Greater Qiu Islet in Taiwan.

17th May 2012 – Over 8 TONS of Fish poisoned in Guiyang China.

16th May 2012 – Fish kill in Arcadia Lake in Oklahoma.

15th May 2012 – Over 10,000 Fish dead in Guanzhou China.

14th May 2012 – Another Fish kill in Lake Bito in MacArthur Town Philippines.

14th May 2012 – Thousands of farmed Fish found dead in ponds in Nanjundapuram village India.

13th May 2012 – Mass Fish death reported in Pathalam belt in River Periyar in India.

12th May 2012 – 500 Fish have died in Eichbaum lake in Germany.

12th May 2012 – 2,300 Birds found dead on beaches in Chile.

10th May 2012 – Fish kill in South Negril River in Jamaica.

10th May 2012 – UPDATE: 5,000 Birds found dead on beaches in Peru.

10th May 2012 – 550 TONS of dead Salmon in Norway.

10th May 2012 – Thousands of dead Fish washing up on the shores of Lake Simcoe in Canada.

8th May 2012 – 12 TONS of Fish found dead in Chengdu, Sichuan China.

8th May 2012 – Hundreds of dead fish in Brake Lake, Perry County America.

7th May 2012 – Fish kill in Kuwait Bay in Kuwait.

6th May 2012 – Mass Fish death found in Heritage Park Pond in Massachusetts.

5th May 2012 – 50,000 Fish found dead in a pond in Shenzhen in China.

5th May 2012 – Mass Bird death discovered in waste water in Finland.

4th May 2012 – A local “phenomena” with numerous dead fish appearing on the same day in Spain.

4th May 2012 – 2 TONS of dead Fish found in a River in Jinzhou China.

4th May 2012 – Mass Fish kill found in Muttar River causing panic in India.

3rd May 2012 – Dead Fish are washing up on shore of Lake Houston in America.

2nd May 2012 – Large number of fish found dead in River in China.

2nd May 2012 – Many dead Fish washing up dead in Village causing panic in Turkey.

30th April 2012 – Hundreds of Bull RedFish found dead in Alabama.

28th April 2012 – 1200 Pelicans found dead in Peru.

27th April 2012 – Mass Fish kill on Lake Elsinore in California.

26th April 2012 – Mysterious Death of possibly thousands of Storks in Thailand.

25th April 2012 – 11,000 dead Fish found in River in Kettering, America.

25th April 2012 – 28,000 dead Fish found in River in Strongsville, America.

25th April 2012 – Porpoises dying in alarming numbers, causing concerns of a local “ecological catastrophe” in China.

22nd April 2012 – Thousands more Fish wash ashore dead in Pakistan.

19th April 2012 – Thousands of Fish, also Cows and Dogs killed in Pakistan.

17th April 2012 – Thousands of fish (30 species) dead in a creek in Tennesse.

17th April 2012 – Thousands of fish continue to turn up dead in the Zandvlei Estuary in South Africa.

17th April 2012 – Several thousand Fish found dead in River in India.

17th April 2012 – Thousands of Dead Fish found floating in Pond in India.

16th April 2012 – Mass Livestock deaths in Kyrgyzstan.

13th April 2012 – Mass Bees falling dead in Canyon Country California.

13th April 2012 – Hundreds of dead Fish litter Ocean Floor in Durban South Africa.

11th April 2012 – 300 more Dolphins found dead on beaches in Peru.

11th April 2012 – 14,000 Fish dead in Creek in Missouri.

9th April 2012 – Thousands of fish found dead in Lake in India.

9th April 2012 – 3 Whales wash up dead in India. Link

6th April 2012 – Over 50 Turtles wash ashore dead in India.

6th April 2012 – Thousands of Dead Fish found in waterway in Malaysia.

5th April 2012 – Thousands of Dead Fish found floating in Ganga river in India.

4th April 2012 – 615 Dolphins Found Dead on Beaches in Peru.

4th April 2012 – Over 100 Dead Catfish found in Boyne River Australia

3rd April 2012 – Thousands of Dolphins are dying in Gulf of Mexico

1st April 2012 – 9,000 Livestock killed by Foot and Mouth Disease in Egypt.

1st April 2012 – 3,000 Dolphins have washed up dead this year in Peru.

30th March 2012 – Hundreds of Birds Killed in Hail storm in Texas

20th March 2012 – Thousands of dead Fish wash up on riverbank in Singapore.

20th March 2012 – Thousands of dead Fish found in River in Minnesota

17th March 2012 – 4 beached Whales die in East China

13th March 2012 – 5,000 Fish found dead in a lake in Malaysia.

12th March 2012 – Disease Kills 170 Chickens in South Africa.

9th March 2012 – Dozens of birds drop dead in University grounds in Florida

8th March 2012 – 34 Dolphins wash up dead along coast in Texas

4th March 2012 – 400 Grey Seals found dead off Cape Breton in Australia.

3rd March 2012 – Many Little Penguins Dying in Perth, Australia.

2nd March 2012 – Thousands of Jellyfish wash ashore in Texas.

1st March 2012 – 800kg dead fish found in Cyprus.

28th February 2012 – Over 20,000 Chickens dead in Dharke in Nepal.

27th February 2012 – Thousands of fish found dead at nature reserve in UK.

25th February 2012 – 60 Gulls found dead in New Zealand.

21st February 2012 – 3,000 Tuna Fish found dead off coast of Dubai.

21st February 2012 – 25 Rare Turtles wash up dead in Bangladesh

18th February 2012 – Thousands of Lambs being killed by incurable virus in the UK.

16th February 2012 – Tonnes of dead Fish wash ashore in Somalia.

15th February 2012 – 100 dead birds found along highway in Maryland America.

14th February 2012 – UPDATE: 124 Dolphins have now beached and died in Cape Cod America.

9th February 2012 – Over 200 Dolphins wash up dead in Peru.

9th February 2012 – 800 dead Birds found in Christchurch New Zealand.

7th February 2012 – Dozens of dead Birds found on beach in Florida.

6th February 2012 – Tens of Thousands of Birds to be “culled” due to H5N1 virus in Nepal and India.

3rd February 2012 – Thousands of Fish wash up dead in Nigeria.

3rd February 2012 – 100 Pigeons found dead in South Dakota.

3rd February 2012 – 1,000 Fish found dead floating in two ponds in Virginia.

31st January 2012 – 800 Star Fish found dead on beach in Japan.

31st January 2012 – Massive Fish death in Philippines.

27th January 2012 – 64 Dolphins and Porpoises found dead along the Atlantic Coast.

27th January 2012 – 10,000 Fish found dead in Japan.

27th January 2012 – 12 Dolphins wash up dead in Louisiana.

27th January 2012 – 10,000 Ducks to be Killed in Australia

24th January 2012 – 5,000 Fish found dead in Perth’s River in Australia.

UPDATE: 85 Dolphins beached, 61 dead in Cape Cod in America.

24th January 2012 – 82 Whales dead in New Zealand.

22nd January 2012 – Hundreds of dead Birds found in India.

21st January 2012 – 4 Whales found dead on beach in New Zealand.

19th January 2012 – 20,000 Birds killed by oil spill in New Zealand

19th January 2012 – 3 TONNES of dead Fish wash ashore in Somalia.

16th January 2012 – 53 Fur Seals found dead on Beach in Australia.

14th January 2012 – 30 Dolphins beach, 20 dead in Cape Cod in America.

11th January 2012 – Hundreds of dead Fish wash ashore in The Bahamas.

10th January 2012 – 2000 Chickens dead in India.

10th January 2012 – Large number of dead fish found floating across 3km of river in China.

9th January 2012 – Hundreds of Wildlife Animals found dead in Zimbabwe.

9th January 2012 – Dozens of Turtles found dead in Florida.

8th January 2012 – Thousands of Deer have died during past few months in Northern Plains in America.

7th January 2012 – Thousands of Dead Fish found floating in the Gholani River in India.

7th January 2012 – 7 Whales become stranded and die in New Zealand.

7th January 2012 – Thousands of Fish found dead in California.

5th January 2012 – 3000 Dead Fish in Ghana.

4th January 2012 – Oil soaked birds washing up dead on Western Isles of Scotland.

2nd January 2012 – 20 TONNES of Fish wash up dead on beach in Norway.

1st January 2012 – 200 Blackbirds found dead in Arkansas USA.

You might also remember the astounding number of mass animal, bird and fish deaths reported in late 2010 and throughout 2011. 

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