The Coming Crisis:  Officials found E. coli in the drinking water at Thermond Lake's West Dam Recreation area, according to the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Billy Birdwell, as spokesman for the corps' Savannah District said the contamination was discovered in a routine check before Memorial Day at the one-day use area, a mile from the Visitors Center in Columbia County.  Drinking water was immediately shut off and signs were posted warning visitors.  The corps notified the Georgia Department of Natural Resources of the contamination.  "We're looking with the state to determine the cause and what actions we can take to eliminate it," said Birdwell, who also said that no other ares had been affected.

My Comments:  I heard a biochemist speak on a popular talk radio show recently, after the E. coli outbreak in Germany, and he spoke of incidents in the past when government medical personnel unleashed flu viruses deliberately on US citizens to "see what would happen."  He said he believed the E. coli outbreak could very well have been unleashed on purpose in Germany, which also has migrated to France now.  This is by far not the first time this has happened even here in the US and will no doubt not be the last.  This issue led me to do some investigations on my own about the subject and what I found sheds a whole new light on the elitists agenda to depopulate the earth, which has been validated by many sources.  For one, the plan is actually written "in granite stone" and you can read the "Georgia Guidestones" for yourself on the News Videos page of this website.  In fact, how odd...the Guidestones are in Georgia and this E. coli contamination is also in Georgia!  I will be writing later today on this News Blog page about the elitists secret plans to create a pandemic and eliminate "useless eaters" (that's you and me).  Matthew 24:7 "Nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in various places."