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Ezekiel's Vision and the Last Days - Part 10

Posted by L A on Monday, May 16, 2016, In : Signs in Heaven 
Last month, I wrote about the Paracas skull DNA findings, which revealed the mtDNA was not human. For decades, scientists have proclaimed these skulls were cradle-boarded (purposefully deformed gradually from birth). There are problems with that hypothesis, in that elongated skulls found in numerous places throughout Paracas and Cusco, Peru, have only one parietal plate, and some were too young to have achieved the enormous size through cradle-boarding. Normal human skulls have two parietal ...

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Ezekiel's Vision and the Last Days - Part 9

Posted by L A on Monday, May 16, 2016, In : Signs in Heaven 

Last month I shared what God told Enoch (15) about the giants born to the fallen watchers (angels) and human women, and how evil spirits proceeded from them and continue to wreak havoc upon the earth. The giants, otherwise known as Nephilim in Hebrew (what we also define today as a “hybrids,” not fully human), were extremely vicious in Enoch’s day. The Book of Enoch, chapter 7 reveals, “And they became pregnant (human women) and they bore great giants (Nephilim), whose height was th...

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