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Life After Death Testimonials 

Do you know that there are countless people who have experienced heaven and returned to tell about it?  There are also people who have experienced hell and returned to tell about it (included in the videos below).  When you listen to these testimonials, so many of them reveal the same details about heaven and hell.  The Bible tells us there is a literal heaven and a literal hell (Matthew 10:28 and Luke 23:43).  Have you received Jesus as your Savior?  He suffered on the cross to pay the penalty for your sins and mine.  You only need to receive His free gift of eternal life, confess and forsake your sins and you will receive eternal life in heaven.  There are only two destinies, no in-between, it's heaven or hell, which do you choose?  Remember, it is a decision you will live with forever.  

Herbert Broome died within hours after this video was made.  These are his last words.  A message he had from God that he wanted to send to the world before he left.   His daughter kept her promise to get the message out to the world, by publishing this video.

Dr. Maurice S. Rawlings, Cardiologist, tells about the experiences he had with his patients who suffered clinical death and literally went to hell, before being revived to tell about it.  Some patients provide interviews and tell about their own trip to hell.  The incidents were so profoundly terrifying that all of them have received Jesus as their Savior.


Listen to Don Piper's profound experience during his 90 minutes in heaven after suffering a fatal car accident.  He returned to life, after being pronounced dead by paramedics, through the prayers of a minister, who was led by God to stop at the site of the accident and pray for him.     

Hear the awesome testimony of Mickey Robinson, about how he survived a near fatal plane crash and experienced eternity long enough to get saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost, then return to his body in the hospital.  You don't want to miss this video!

The following two videos are narrated by Ronald Reagan (not the former president), a man addicted to drugs and alcohol and who suffered severe abuse as a child.  God miraculously saved him after his near death experience and a visit to hell.

This is a video of Howard Storm's testimony.  He is a university professor who suffered a near death experience and went to hell.  This event changed Mr. Storm's life and led him to salvation.  He now compels people to believe that there is a literal hell and to receive Jesus as their savior, while there is yet time to do so. 

These videos are extensive, but captivating.  Bill Wiese's testimony and experience in hell is very detailed, so I have planted numerous video segments (too much to include on one video, as the timeframe for each video is limited).    

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